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Cllr Mackie attends COSLA convention at Dumfries House

Thurso and Northwest Caithness Councillor attends his first COSLA meeting as the Local Government body meets for its second convention of 2018.

Cllr Mackie said "I am delighted to have attended COSLAs convention in Easy Ayrshire which will cover a number of key issues affecting local government in Scotland." "Due to my group gaining further representation at the Highland Council due to a defection from the Independent Group and two by-election losses by the Liberal Democrats, the Scottish Conservatives are clearly the second largest party and the third largest political group." "This representation ensures that we are entitled to attend representing the Highland Council at the COSLA conventions, which are the official forums for local government in Scotland. Today we discussed the UN Sustainable Goals, Year of the Young Person, the COSLA Budget and Brexit." "These are all subjects that will affect the long term positions of Local Authorities across the country and I was happy to put forward my views across the agenda with my group." Further information can be found here;


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