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COVID plea from Cllr Mackie

Thurso and northwest Caithness Highland councillor, Struan Mackie, said: “While this week’s easing of some restrictions will be welcome to many, particularly bringing guidance on self-isolation and testing in line with other parts of the UK, constituents and businesses will continue to be confused why some activities like outdoor events and bar service remain prohibited in Scotland yet considered safe to be undertaken elsewhere.”

Struan Mackie says it is "deeply frustrating" that many restrictions remain in Scotland

He said it is "deeply frustrating that in Scotland many of the harshest restrictions continue to be imposed." Mr Mackie added: "If the Scottish Government is insistent on having different rules for suppressing the spread of Covid-19 and any subsequent variants, we need to see the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, and the Health Minister Humza Yousaf outline clearly what evidence these decisions have been based on."


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