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Local voices will be overturned in A-Block crossfire by SNP & Independents

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

The condemned A-Block at Thurso High School

Cllr Struan Mackie has voiced his dismay that a Notice of Amendment has been lodged by the Highland Council Administration (SNP & Independent) which seeks to remove the Caithness Area Committees' decision to support a demolish and rebuild of the THS A-Block. The technical process would see the original decision removed from the record, with the Council Administration instead pledging to a 'full review', with no commitment to any sort of rebuild. Cllr Mackie said that misinformation was eroding confidence locally and that 'several constituents have reported erroneous statements on social media'. "Members of the Administration and their supporters on social media have questioned the legitimacy of the vote in May and are arguing it is outwith the competency of the Local Area Committee. "This is both disturbing and disappointing. "Local Members will be aware that Officer recommendations are just that. Recommendations. And it is within the democratic gift for Councillors to amend the recommendation and chose a different path. "Caithness Councillors were afforded the opportunity to review the options and rejected the Officer plans to simply demolish without a commitment to rebuild. A vote that was within the gift of the all elected Members. "The matter would have been referred to the Highland Council as a 'starred item' for full review and scrutiny. Instead the SNP and the so-called 'Independent' Members of the Council see fit to remove the decision from the record instead... where have we heard that before? "When the nationalists don't like a local decision it is overturned in Inverness or Edinburgh. The Thurso A-Block has found itself caught in a political crossfire and the SNP and the people of Thurso won't forgive them.


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