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Caithness has five new councillors after shock election results

THE 2017 Highland Council election proved to be a day of shock results with five new councillors being elected and four previous councillors losing their seats in Caithness.

Eight council seats were up for grabs with four in Thurso and North-West Caithness and four in Wick and East Caithness.

Conservative candidate Struan Mackie was elected councillor for the first time as he comfortably came second after stage 2 reaching the required quota, with Cllr Matthew Reiss elected at stage 1.

Successful Highland Conservatives with Edward Mountain MSP. Cllr George Cruickshank, Cllr Isabelle MacKenzie, Cllr Andrew Sinclair, Cllr Andrew Jarvie, Cllr Struan Mackie, Cllr Callum Smith, Cllr Peter Saggers

The final two places went to the final stage of voting when independent candidate Donnie Mackay retained his seat finishing third and SNP candidate Karl Rosie became the second new councillor taking the final fourth seat.

Caithness Civic Leader Gillian Coghill (Independent) and Caithness committee chairman Roger Saxon (Labour) were both defeated finishing fifth and sixth.

Thurso and North West Caithness results;

Total number of ballot papers received 5314

Valid votes 5244

Quota 1049

                                  Stage 1 votes           Quota reached or eliminated

1 Matthew Reiss         1924                          (Elected stage 1)

2 Struan Mackie          901                            1111 (Elected stage 2)

3 Donnie Mackay        567                            1263  (Elected final stage)

4 Karl Rosie                746                            1059  (Elected final stage)

5 Gillian Coghill           417                             869  (Eliminated final stage)

6 Roger Saxon            328                             487 (Eliminated stage 7)

7 Alexander Glasgow  198                             276 (Eliminated stage 6)

8 Sandra Owsnett        104                            137 (Eliminated stage 5)

9 Tommy Farmer          59                              85  (Eliminated stage 4)


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