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Cllr Mackie addresses Castletown Gala Celebrations

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Cllr Struan Mackie gives the keynote speech at the Castletown Drill Hall

Thurso and Northwest Caithness Councillor Struan Mackie was honoured to address the Castletown Gala this week as guest speaker.

The well-attended event in the coastal Caithness village has historically invited guest speakers to address the crowd as part of the Gala celebrations, and this year local Councillor Struan Mackie gave his speech with support from Cllr Willie Mackay, Caithness Civic Leader.

"I have really enjoyed today's events and I congratulate the organisers and volunteers for such a vibrant Gala here in Castletown. In the Year of Young People - where we look to cerebrate, embrace and enhance the opportunities of our young citizens - it gives me great pleasure to see so many young people from the village enjoying one of traditionally the highlights of the year".

"In celebrating the very best of the village and it's people, I have had a fantastic time and I wish the new Gala Queen Lani and her attendants all the best for their coronation year."


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