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Cllr Mackie hits out at vandals of popular Thurso Playpark.

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

Cllr Mackie hits out at vandals of popular Thurso Playpark.

The vandalised playpark in Pennyland, Thurso.

The “mindless” vandalism of a north Highland children’s play park is being investigated by Police Scotland.

The incident saw protective mats from under the swings torn up, and litter emptied from bins and spread across Fraser’s Park on the Pennyland Estate in Thurso.

Thurso and Caithness councillor Struan Mackie, who is raising the incident at Highland Council next week, has hit out at the vandals, saying “I am incredibly saddened by the mindless vandalism of Fraser’s Park.”

He said: “Litter from the refuse bins has been emptied across the playing field, with the rubber crash mats ripped up from the ground and now lying at the entrance to the park".

“The place looks in a terrible state and will come as a shock for users as the weekend approaches.”

A Highland Council spokeswoman said: “We urge anyone with any information to come forward and contact the police who are investigating this incident.”

Mr Mackie said the vandalism does not just destroy the amenity afforded by the park but affects the locals who use it.

He said: “Our play parks are unique spaces in the community where people of all ages can come together, they are valued by users but also act as important green spaces for everybody in the area".

“Fraser’s is a busy part of Pennyland and the park sits on the main thoroughfare between the North of the estate, Castlegreen Road, the local convenience store and the School.”

The latest incident is one of a series of incidents that have blighted the area lately, according to Mr Mackie.

A community seat constructed as part of drystone walling festival has been damaged three times, and last October Police Scotland appealed for information after seven cars were damaged in a spate of vandalism.

Mr Mackie said: “The damage is clear to see for everybody and regrettably it comes as the most recent occurrence of increased antisocial behaviour in the area.”

He added: “I hope that with the cooperation of the police, local schools and the council we can ensure that those responsible foot the bill, and not the taxpayer.”


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