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Councillor Mackie calls for banking shake up

The new TSB pop-up facility in Thurso has been branded "pathetic" ahead of the closure of the long-established branch in the town centre. Councillor Matthew Reiss said this week after seeing the photo of the pop-up: "The TSB headquarters should be ashamed of themselves if this is really the service on offer to loyal customers in 2022. This is pathetic and makes a mockery of all the grandiose rhetoric and spin we were subjected to in recent meetings.

"The phrase on the pop-up board 'How can I help?' may elicit a short and impolite answer from our constituents... So very disappointing."

Councillor Struan Mackie was equally dismayed.

“It is incredibly disappointing to see the ‘future of banking’ for TSB customers relegated to a table and chairs in a community hall," he said.

“It is a far cry from the full service high street branch and the local team who would assist on any matter of banking.

“When I set up the petition to save the branch and protect this vital banking access for people across the far north, this type of service was exactly what we were fighting against.

“This simply must not be the direction of travel for other banks to follow. Banking regulators must seriously consider forcing institutions to maintain their high street presence in order to be issued with their licence." Full article in the John O'Groat Journal below:


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