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Highland Councillors attend health rallies across Caithness

Updated: Oct 27, 2018

As thousands took part in health marches across Caithness and Skye, Highland Conservative Councillors joined forces to support public demands for local healthcare in rural Scotland.

Cllr Struan Mackie, Cllr Andrew Sinclair, Edward Mountain MSP and Cllr Callum Smith attending the CHAT rally

Councillors Struan Mackie, Andrew Sinclair and Callum Smith joined Highland Regional MSP Edward Mountain at marches in Wick and Thurso organised by health campaign group CHAT. 

Speaking outside the Dunbar Hospital, Cllr Mackie, who represents the Thurso and Northwest Caithness ward, thanked locals for coming out and supporting the rally, and reiterated the Highland Conservative's commitment to achieving quality healthcare as locally as possible. 

"The people of Caithness have come out in their numbers again show how just how important our local services are. We know the pressures across NHS Highland and that we stand united across the region to push for healthcare that is truly local and ensures that unnecessary travel and completely eliminated for patients as quickly as possible."


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