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Parking problems only made worse by garage charging decision

A number of residential areas across Thurso and Northwest Caithness are feeling the effects of Housing Association charges to park in off-street garages.

The scheme adopted in Thurso has led a number of vehicles being displaced, with much of the traffic adding further congestion to busy residential roads. Councillor Struan Mackie who lives on the Pennyland estate commented "I understand why the plans have been put into place and that the Housing Association wishes to generate further revenue from their sites that occupy a number of key sites in Thurso." "But the effect this has had on residents has proved over time to be a negative one, which is something I don't believe was fully predicted at the time the decision was made. Uptake on the garage permits have been lower than expected and many residents who previously used the garage parking are simply relocating to on-street options... many of which are causing concern." "Streets like Howburn Road have always had an issue with parking for locals but the garage shut out has led to this becoming an impassable road."


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