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Ruth Davidson MSP Visits Highland

Updated: Oct 28, 2018

Scottish Conservative and Unionist Leader visits Inverness to meet with business leaders and party activists

On Thursday 23rd of August Ruth Davidson MSP came to Inverness, visiting the Tornagrain housing development before addressing a capacity crowd at a Scottish Conservatives lunch in Inverness itself. 

In a lively question and answer session Ruth and Edward Mountain MSP addressed a wide range of issues, from distinctly Highland matters such as the successful campaign to improve the parking at Raigmore Hospital, and the future of Kishorn Dock, through to national ones like the continuing damage being done by the SNP's mismanagement of the Scottish Economy, and the SNP’s equally-disastrous changes to Scottish Education.  

Ruth thanked the party members and supporters who had contributed so much to the great achievement in electing 10 Scottish Conservative Councillors last year, and praised the good work done since then by those Councillors. Cllr Struan Mackie who represents the Thurso and Northwest Caithness ward welcomed the visit and was optimistic for the future. "Ruth Davidson and her straight talking brand of politics is our biggest asset and her commitment to supporting the party in Highland gives us an exciting platform. She resonates with people in a way that other politicians simply don't and when I am on the doorsteps her popularity comes over clearly. She has done an excellent job to lead official opposition and now it is our turn to work locally and show the people of Scotland that by electing Scottish Conservatives, we will keep our eye on the day job and put to bed this toxic fascination with a second independence referendum".

The meeting was left in no doubt that with Ruth as First Minister, the Scottish Government would pay proper attention to the unique needs of the Highlands, especially in improving job-creation, rather than just offering up the same old tired platitudes that the current SNP regime has turned into an art-form.  


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