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Struan Writes - Recess is over

The Highland Council returns this week from the July recess and we are back more than determined than ever to fight for Highland.

The impressive Queen Victoria statue in Valletta, Malta

I had a wonderful break in Malta which was much needed time to relax, sightsee and enjoy the World Cup unfolding.

Recess is an opportunity to focus on constituent issues, as our official commitments like Full Council and Committees are suspended for the month.

Most members try and get away for a holiday and whilst I spent the week in Malta my Council colleagues covered any pressing issues, something I will do the same when they are on holiday.

It is a system that allows us to get a break whilst ensuring your local Councillors are available for any issues as they arise. But for now, I am back at the desk and ready to help! My contact details can be found in the contact me section of my website, or alternatively use the new 'chat' function!


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