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Vandalism concern in Thurso

Thurso and Northwest Caithness Councillor Struan Mackie expresses concern that vandalism is 'on the rise' and the taxpayer continues to foot the bill.

Speaking at the September Community Council meeting in Thurso Councillor Mackie reiterated his zero-tolerance response to vandalism across Northwest Caithness. "I am sorry to report that vandalism continues to be a big problem across Thurso, with a particular concentration of incidents occurring in playparks (as previously reported) and in the surrounding area." "The Council simply does not have the money to replace fixtures that are damaged beyond repair and it is highly likely that we will loose playground amenities if this trend continues. It is the taxpayer is footing the bill time and time again and it simply cannot continue." "A phonebox adjacent to the Pennyland park was vandalised earlier this year and aside from making the area look dilapidated it has also called into question whether BT will view replacing the glass as financially viable. This damage could see the phonebox removed all together." "If you see vandalism, please report it. As a community we must not tolerate mindless attacks on our shared spaces and I will do everything in my power to ensure that the Council is tougher that it has before... we must seek compensation for damage and not hide behind the easy option."


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